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This is a single Last Will & Testament suitable for a single person or for somebody who's partner is not making a Will. Once drafted this document must be signed and witnessed in order for it to be legally binding

No specialist knowledge is necessary in order to create your Will, simply answer the questions and we do the rest. Also for complete peace of mind, every document created is fully checked by our specialist team of Willwriters, this is included within the price

If you have any questions, we are here to help, just call 01785 338292 or email

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  • Appoint Executors

    You can name friends, family or professional Executors, their role is to locate, manage and disburse the assets of the estate

  • Specify Trustees

    You have the option of naming people to look after the assets for any younger beneficiaries, these are your Trustees

  • Choose Guardians

    Appointing guardians for children is the number one reason our clients choose to make a Will

  • Leave Gifts

    From family heirlooms to the family home, almost anything can be gifted in a Will

  • Name Beneficiaries

    Without a Will you cannot decide who should benefit from your assets, this is why at a the heart of any Will are the beneficiaries

  • Add Funeral Wishes

    Whether you prefer a horse drawn procession to a direct cremation, it it crucial that your wishes be known

  • Protect Pets

    Lets not forget the family dog


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