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Unlimited Changes

Updating your Will is as easy as logging in, adjusting your wishes, and pressing 'print'

Secure Storage

Be certain your wishes are followed by ensuring that your will is never lost or damaged

Legal Updates

When the law changes, your Will can be easily and quickly updated free of charge


Many companies charge over £100 to update a Will, with mylastwill you can make as many updates as necessary for only £14 per year and we can securely store your signed Will.

  • Yearly
  • Monthly
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Make Unlimited Changes

As life takes it's inevitable twists and turns your Will needs to be kept up-to-date. With our unique package this is as easy as logging in, adjusting your wishes, and re-printing your Will

  • Fast and easy

    In just a few clicks your Will can easily be amended on any computer or even using your smart-phone, it takes literally seconds. Once your amended Will has been created is is simply a case of printing and signing the amended document

  • Checked by experts

    If you are making significant changes why not submit the amended Will to our experts for checking, it doesn't take long and is included at no additional cost

Secure Document Storage

When your time comes it is crucial that your Will be found, since you can only have one 'Last Will & Testament' keeping it safe is essential. Thats is where our secure document storage can help

  • Safe & secure

    Your documents will be kept in a dedicated Will storage facility, the building is both fireproof and waterproof, providing total peace of mind

  • Registered

    Every Will is registered on 'The National Will Register', this allows your family to easily find your documents when necessary

  • Easily accessible

    If you need to retrieve your Will at any time just get in touch

  • Copy documents

    Although the original is stored securely, your documents are always available on-line in your secure user area at If necessary you can also print a copy for your records (or we can print one for you)

  • Fully insured

    For added peace of mind we insure all documents against loss or damage


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